WiseMind Soul Warrior OnDemand Yoga Psychology Program (LP)

There is no other program out there designed to help you become a better business owner, corporate bossbabe, be an inspiring leader, and have a more fulfilling personal life too while incorporating the ancient neuroscience of yoga principles to the modern world!

Welcome to the one and only transformation mastermind that turns burned out, stressed out parents, professionals, and entrepreneurs, into emotionally resilient, mindful, conscious leaders and partners – no matter what age or stage you are in life.

WiseMind Meditation Method is the first of its kind that not only teaches you a unique Meditation method that works best for you based on what’s happening in your life but also helps to set the self care habit.

11 Modules

Module 1: Foundations of Yoga Psychology, Shadow Work, & Authentic Self

Intergenerational Healing of Family of Origin Tree – Legacy of Peace

Transform common Samskara patterns seen in over 4000 students at WiseMind Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Center and 100’s of private clients helped in Jennie’s yoga psychology private practice including: Perfectionism, People-Pleasing, Need for Outside Validation, Stressaholic, Workaholic, Emotion Mindaholic, Burnout, Comparison, Inner Critic: “I’m Not Enough” & Imposter Syndrome, Scarcity Money Mindset, – identify ROOT cause of these patterns and alchemize pain into purpose.

Recovering Perfectionist, Workaholic, Stressaholic, Burnout, Busy Syndrome, Emotion Mindaholic, Comparison Syndrome, LOUD Inner Critic Voice Scale 1-10 was 15: “I’m Not Enough” & Imposter Syndrome, Scarcity Money Mindset WiseMind Yoga Founder TRANSFORMED these Samskara patterns with Family of Origin Shadow Work, Yoga Psychology Neuroscience, Healing of the Heart, and Soul Connection. When you show up and do the inner work, you and your students will TRANSFORM too! Yoga is not an easy path but one worth taking! Once the light is lit to awakening, there is no going back!

Module 2: Science of Emotion is Energy in Motion: Transforming Energy of The Chakras, Mantras + Music

Letting Go of the Past, Moving into the Present, Legacy of Peace

Emotion is energy in motion and the reason Somatic Mind Body Yoga Psychology is so important. It releases past emotions, stress, or trauma stuck in the body that often manifest as disease or mental health challenges. Many students have experienced trauma during their childhood but often don’t realize it into adulthood which starts showing up in unconscious ways in our lives. WiseMind Founder experienced having 3 generations of physical, mental, verbal abuse trauma showing up as mental and physical health challenges. Spending the past 8 years healing her generation from past emotions and trauma stored in her emotional, physical, spiritual DNA.

For many of us, Music and Singing has been a healing modality throughout our lives, especially during this pandemic. The WiseMind Yoga Founder is no different, she sang her entire life starting in the church choir as a child and in the pandemic during her yoga practice. There is a Science & Soul of sound combining the power of Music while teaching yoga is a gift to your students and personal practice. Adding singing as a way to heal the heart chakra, throat chakra, create connection within the yoga community, class, and to God.

Module 3: Science & Soul: Stress Resilience + Mindfulness + Meditation + WiseMind + Neuroscience of Change = Rewire the Brain

Be Present: Soul-Centered Yoga CEO Mindset

One of the keys to happiness and stress resilience is applying Yogic Spiritual Philosophy to Lessen Suffering, Everything Happening for You, Not to You. This leads to empowerment and the world lens we see. We decrease suffering by learning to let go of “expectation patterns” that create our stress. Instead, we create a Mindful Stress Resilience practice embodying peace in mind and body. We lessen suffering by training our “Monkey Mind” as they say in yoga to slow down negative thought patterns, creating a PAUSE between stimulus and response.

This is an important module for teachers to deepen their practice and to spread the message of meditation as a self-care tool in student’s lives helping them to overcome common myths with evidence-based benefits studies including done for you (DFY) handouts for meditation and mindfulness workshops.

Module 4: Living Yoga Philosophy + Psychology + Understand Trauma in Conscious Relationships

+ In Devotion to Higher Power – Bhakti Yoga + Heart Science

The Sanskrit word bhakti comes from the root bhaj, which means “to adore or worship God.”

Create conscious relationships as a path for higher consciousness so that we can start to recognize relationships hold up a mirror reflecting emotional patterns that need to be brought to awareness and transformed. Relationships often show our unhealed family of origin core wounds. If we change our mindset to each experience offering a soul lesson then we are able to communicate using Ahimsa in a non-harming way creating more peace in the relationship.

Module 5: Psychology of Success: Online/Hybrid Business of Yoga + Wellness

Live Your Dharma, Destiny, Discernment = Evolved Conscious Leaders

Our pain = purpose, karma = dharma, wound = wisdom, mess = message

 As a Yoga Teacher, Wellness, or Soul Centered Entrepreneur, it can be extremely difficult living your dharma AND making an income + an impact in the world! Most of us teach because we are passionate about helping other students get the same life-changing transformations we did, we want to share these teachings, not for the money. BUT we are able to do what we love, make a difference, AND be prosperous!

We do not learn in most yoga teacher trainings about “the business of yoga” other than maybe 5 hours out of the entire training! Majority of teachers left on their own to “figure it out” with outdated approaches leading to burnout and financial strife.

WiseMind Yoga Founder has spent over 6 figures the past going on 10 years on marketing, running a yoga studio, YTT, and private yoga psychology practice, immersive training in yoga psychology, spirituality, leadership, meditation, mindfulness, group & individual therapy, business coaching and models, that work and in are alignment to make a difference! This way, you don’t have to! This will take YEARS off of teachers seeing a ROI in investments, income, and business growth! Figuring out what works & what doesn’t!

There is a science, soul, and strategy to success. 80% of success in life and business is Psychology and 20% is strategy. Before we set up a strategy, first we complete the inner shadow work, then clarity of our Soul’s Dharma purpose, then setting a clear intention leading to aligned action. We need more conscious, evolved leaders in the world now more than ever sharing their gifts!

Self Mastery – Energy of Success – Must to Ready to Manifest your Dharma – Prayer

Module 6: Living Ayurveda Lifestyle: Holistic Wellness +MentalHealth

Yoga for Health: Reverse Stress Damage, Detox, Cleanse, Healing, Gut Health, Disease Prevention, Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Conditions

As yoga teachers, wellness, and soul-centered entrepreneurs, we each share our unique stories, life experiences, turning pain into purpose for our students struggling with similar challenges. WiseMind Yoga founder struggled with over 20 years of trying different thyroid medications, “functional nutrition plans,” inconsistent self-care in stress resilience, meditation, nutrition, yoga, and exercise, perfectionism, busy syndrome, workaholic, stressaholic, and burnout which lead to a repressed immune system, Hashimoto’s hypothyroid chronic autoimmune disease, loss of hearing in the right ear, chronic fatigue, weight gain, and poor gut health. Almost burning out from her Dharma, her passion, YOGA in 2019.

Everything is happening FOR you, this is what lead her to embark on a 5-year healing journey since 2017, learning about Mindful Slow Flow & Yin Yoga, Light Exercise in Nature, Meditation, Mindfulness, Gut Health, Whole Foods Plant Based and Ayurveda Lifestyle including Detox, Cleanse throughout the year. She was able to lose 20 pounds, heal leaky gut, remove foods causing body inflammation, and reduce cholesterol medication. Each student’s body is unique so results may vary but we are sharing what worked for the WiseMind Yoga Founder.

We are honored to bring an author and guest expert with over 30 years of experience from Prama Institute Wellness Center in Asheville, NC to teach Ayurveda and Cleanse/Detox/Healing Methods to apply in your own life, helping your students and clients. We will immerse ourselves in Asheville onsite or virtually recorded if preferred.

Autoimmune diseases are a family of 80 chronic, often debilitating and, potentially life-threatening INVISIBLE illnesses. According to the NIH, up to 23.5 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease as of 2017—and the prevalence is rising due to our lifestyle. Nearly 4% of the world’s population is affected by an autoimmune disease, the most common includes: type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease. Hashimoto thyroiditis affects 1 to 2 percent of people in the US. It is more common in women, which may be related to hormonal factors. The condition is the most common cause of thyroid underactivity (hypothyroidism) in the US up to 80% precursor.

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