WiseMind Yoga Science Soul Success Mastermind™

There is no other program out there designed to help you become a better business owner, corporate bossbabe, be an inspiring leader, and have a more fulfilling personal life too while incorporating the ancient neuroscience of yoga principles to the modern world!

Welcome to the one and only transformation mastermind that turns burned out, stressed out parents, professionals, and entrepreneurs, into emotionally resilient, mindful, conscious leaders and partners – no matter what age or stage you are in life.

WiseMind Meditation Method is the first of its kind that not only teaches you a unique Meditation method that works best for you based on what’s happening in your life but also helps to set the self care habit.

9 Modules

Module 1: Foundations of Yoga Psychology, Self Mastery, and Intergenerational Healing of Family Tree

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  • Learn how to stop being triggered unconsciously by programmed patterns that lead to emotional reactions so that you will have healthier relationships as a parent, as a partner, and professionally.
  • Learn how to grow in your journey of self discovery understanding your family of origin history and how your past is affecting your present at a cellular level so that you can stop the patterns and create intergenerational healing.
  • Learn valuable tools, books, handouts, yoga, meditations, resources in the Soul-ution Center and e-learning platform used with private clients to walk through the foundations process to start transformation.

Module 2: Letting Go of the Past, Moving into the Present, Legacy of Peace

  • Learn how to stop limiting beliefs about perfectionism, inner critic voice, failure, imposter syndrome, money, and more so that you can grow into the highest version of yourself and rewire the mind through neuroscience.
  • Learn practical life skills to stop holding on to past hurts, resentments, trauma, anger, grief, sadness, stress, anxiety, or depression so that you can open space in the mind and body for healing, showing up as your highest self.
  • Learn how to grow in your self care by releasing emotions somatically being held in the body such as stress, anxiety, anger so that you improve your mental health, emotional resilience, physical, immune, nervous system health and not manifested as disease.
  • Learn to stop the myths of a meditation and self care practice so that you can build your stress resilience, CEO mindset, and emotional IQ.

Module 3: Be Present: Stress Resilience, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neuroscience of Change

  • Learn how to create a Mindful Stress Resilience practice so that you can move away from expectation patterns creating stress, instead in peace.
  • Learn how to create a Mindful Self Compassion practice so that you can be in full acceptance of your authentic self including your imperfections.
  • Learn how to stop unhealthy thought, emotion, patterns including stress through neuroscience so that you can have less exhaustion and more calm.
  • Learn how to change your stress story so that you can execute long term instead of short term coping skills.

Bonus: Determine Stress Story and Cost of Short Term Coping Skills – continue to create the habits of long term coping, emotion regulation, and stress resilience skills

Module 4: Emotion Regulation IQ, Yoga Psychology Sex, and Conscious Relationships

  • Learn how to create conscious relationships as a path for higher consciousness so that we can start to recognize relationships hold up a mirror reflecting patterns that need to be brought to awareness, transformed, and healed.
  • Learn how to grow a conscious, mindful communication style with your partner, as a parent, or professionally so that you are able to communicate in a non-harming way while not avoiding topics or repressing emotion.
  • Learn how to train your brain to recognize emotion mind vs WiseMind so that you can stop reactivity in relationships leading to damage, hurt feelings, and unproductive communication.
  • Learn how to apply Yoga principles to your relationship so that you have a thriving, long-term relationship supporting your partner VS “what’s in it for me."

Bonus: Learn how Yoga Psychology principles can improve your sex life creating more intimacy and pleasure within the relationship.​

Module 5: The Business of Yoga and Wellness, Purpose (Dharma) and Leadership

  • Learn how to connect to your intuition, in yoga wisdom mind, and higher levels of self so that you will be confident in everything you do.
  • Learn how to listen to yourself and take action on your intuition and mind/body wisdom so that you can create your big picture vision.
  • Learn how to align to your purpose through yoga, meditation, so that you can execute with clarity as a soul-centered entrepreneur, employee, or parent.
  • Learn how to step into your next level self so that creating the outcome you desire is inevitable raising your energetic success set-point.
  • Learn how to set intentions, affirmations, and manifesting your desired outcome – what you believe you receive – thoughts lead to action.
  • Learn how to find your voice as a leader and consciously speak your truth.
  • Learn how to connect to your life’s purpose as a side hustle, business, parent, or volunteering to share your gifts, genius zone, and dharma in yoga.

Bonus: Learn how to step into the “Hero’s Journey” the next threshold of initiation for you as a leader and writing your dharma story.

Module 6: Holistic Wellness, Mental Health, Reverse Stress Damage, and Healing

  • Learn evidence based self care practices to reverse stress damage and biological age up to 15 years.
  • Learn the science behind the importance of stress resilience and management related to wellness.
  • Learn the importance of controlling toxic thoughts, mindset, and how it affects the mind and body leading to disease.
  • Learn how repressed emotion affects the immune and nervous system
  • Learn how to self regulate emotions for healthy mind and body.
  • Learn how the mind has a negativity biased that can be retrained.
  • Learn to solidify difficult emotional release, meditation, yoga, breathwork, journaling, whole foods nutrition, and other self care practices for overall wellness.

Bonus: Learn the 7 A’s of Healing Seminar and Book Reference

Ongoing: Implementation support, feedback, and continual growth.

Modules for this product 9
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